the desolation of smaug: a summary

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so this is what i ended up with for the “make your audience angry” assignment

i dont know about ya’ll but that phrase pisses me right the hell off

Side tip: if anyone ever grabs your hair like the above, clamp one hand HARD down on your scalp where the hair is coming out (think of how you try to immobilize your hair when brushing tangles out so it doesn’t hurt as bad, only do so at the scalp and not further down the hair). Then use your other hand to start hitting the other person (go for the face!) and blocking any blows they may try to make with their free hand. You can also step into them (which removes the tension on your hair) and start throwing your knees into their groin, stomach, kick the side of their knee, etc. 

The reason hair-pulling works is A) it HURTS and B) it’s an effective handle, especially because your instinct is going to be to pull away. But reduce the pain and the tension on the hair and you have more room to work with until the other person lets go, at which point you can run like hell or otherwise defend yourself as needed.

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Peter was muttering distractedly; Harry caught words such as ‘far-fetched’ and ‘lunacy’ but he couldn’t help paying more attention to the ashen colour of Pettigrew’s face and the way his eyes continued to dart towards the windows and door.

In which Peter Pettigrew makes a bloody brilliant pun about Sirius being a dog animagus and Remus a werewolf, yet the entire fandom missed it. (via wizardsatthebarricade)

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Scenes from L.A.’s growing magician problem.

12-19-12, Los Angeles. New graffiti was found at L.A.’s George Carlin High School today marking a new height in the occult graffiti epidemic that plagues the city.  Said L.A. Police Commissioner Crowley, “They say the chalk washes away but that’s not the problem here.  The issue is that these sigils are made by amateur occultists who don’t always know what they’re doing.  They mean to mark their ethereal turf but several of these alignments are capable of awakening Samael.”

Samael, last seen slaughtering the first born sons of Egypt, could not be reached for comment.  We at FIMJU wanted more expert testimony however so we invited the mummified head of Necromancer John Dee from its tomb in England for an interview. Said the archetypical wizard, “Where am I?  Why hast thou awakened me? Oh how I long to return to the sweet embrace of death, for my every moment awake is an eternity of pain!”

Troubling words indeed.

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this means so much to me. so much

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women shouldn’t be valued because we are strong, or kick-ass, but because we are people (x)

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Someone very nicely pointed out to me that I should have included sensual attraction in this graphic I made earlier. I’ve copy-pasta’d some of the more important text from that graphic although you should still read the other text too cause it’s still relevant! 

Firstly, the definitions on the graphic above are very very very very bare-bones, and it’s important to say that different people experience the different kinds of attraction in different ways, and also there are probably more kinds of attraction, but I believe these are the main ones and the most important to differentiate between.

Secondly, it’s also important to note that each person has their own limits and lines drawn between the different kinds of attraction. To some people, touching would be a reaction to aesthetic attraction; to others, it may be a romantic act; to others, sexual. Some people view kissing as sexual and others view it as romantic. Everyone, ace or allo, has their own borders and their own fences in between these different kinds of attraction and some don’t have any fences in between them at all, and just let them run around wild together. 

The first reaction I usually get when I explain the difference between sexual, romantic, and aesthetic attraction is something along the lines of “but no one looks at someone and just wants to have sex with them right away! everyone needs to get to know them first!” This argument is also a big part of demisexual erasure. Which is why I think it’s important to really differentiate between these types of attraction. And just because these three types of attraction go together for some doesn’t mean they go together for all. 

Again, and especially with the inclusion of sensual attraction, it’s important for me to point out that not everyone has the same standards for each type of attraction. What is included in sensual for some may be included in sexual for others. Asexual people can be sensually attracted to people and desire physical intimacy that doesn’t include sexual intercourse, in fact, many do. And I feel the need to point this out often and firmly because there are people in the asexual community invalidating EACH OTHER because few people seem to understand that not only is asexuality a spectrum, everyone exists on their own individual spectrum. 

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'irina is a muslim name'
it’s actually an orthodox russian name but okay

"is lamia a real curse"

good fucking bye

"slade is a total douchebag"

ikr im such a dick

"hannah is a palindrome"

well duh

elijah is a man of like passion

zoe is a stalker


bianca is a shrew taming of the shrew 

"Kavita is a what name"


"Coryn is a"

well apparently I’m nothing

"tristan is a stupid name"

fuck you google you have a stupid name.

"janna is a bad support"

im?? not sure how to respond to that

camille is a man name

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broken iris

Holy fuck


How irresponsible do you have to be to break your iris

I guess they were being really irisponsible  

Get out

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this is still my favorite tweet of all time

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